Leylandi Trees Pruned

Overgrown trees or hedging can be a nusiance. This is often a problem with evergreen hedges such as Leylandii. We can prune that overgrown hedge back into shape. Alternatively, if the decision has been made to remove it we can remove full hedges also.
Trim your Leylandii hedge once (or at most, twice a year).  Some people recommend trimming it three times (or more!) each year but this isn't necessary and, in fact, can weaken the Leylandii Hedge, especially in years of drought or during other forms of stress.  Leylandii Hedges that are trimmed too many times do not get a chance to put on any re-growth before the Spring and are then more likely to suffer from problems.
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Leylandii Trees Pruned Leylandii Trees Pruned